Who, And Why, We Are.

Because life is just too darn short. I started Life In Alignment because I realized I needed it. And I know you do too.

I was a super busy home/world schooling mom of 4, managing our small farm and busy household, focusing entirely on raising the kids, giving them as many experiences as I possibly could that would hopefully help grow them into amazing humans, and most days, simply trying not to let something hugely significant slip thru the cracks.

Paying bills, doctor’s appointments, math curriculums, braces, injured dogs, clogged toilets, too many weeds, insurance premiums, asthma attacks, dance recitals, fevers, leaking ceilings, birthday parties, proofreading writing assignments, gymnastics practice, school dances, outgrown shoes, sore throats, playdates, lost jackets (and water bottles and lunches and boots and backpacks and and and….).

Exhausted, completely unfulfilled, but going thru the motions.

Watching the days turn into weeks which turned into months, which turned into years….years of feeling un-fulfilled, years of feeling I was waiting for the life I truly wanted and was designed for, years of thinking ‘when I have more time’ I will find a way to do the things I really want to do, I will find a way to be the parent I really want to be, I will find a way to leave the legacy I want to leave.

Then my mom died. And I woke up.

I remembered what I have always known – that life is just too darn short.

I realized that if I didn’t start living my life in alignment with my heart’s truest values and priorities and passions, every single day, and with every single choice I make, that I might die exhausted. And unfulfilled. And having not done much more than going thru the motions.

So I decided my life needed a massive transformation.

I got seriously intentional about identifying exactly what I am passionate about, the legacy I want to leave, how I want people to remember me, and most importantly, the impact I want to make on this earth before my time here ends – an impact that is unique to me, my purpose, my calling.

And Life In Alignment was born.

Because I (re) learned that taking care of the environment is important to me. People from any and all countries and cultures being treated fairly, and with dignity and respect is important to me. Helping lift up marginalized populations in our own country is important to me. Not giving any of my hard-earned dollars to companies that use child labor or abusive labor practices is important to me. And I learned that even when life is chaotic and busy, I can STILL find ways to lean into my purpose, lean into my desired legacy, and lean into the true passions and priorities of my heart…all by simply being very intentional with where I spend the dollars I am going to spend anyways.

Life In Alignment is a place where all of this has come together for me.

My love for the outdoors – a place where unlimited adventures, family memories, and soul-filling, enriching, heart and mind re-setting activities await. My love and desire for peace and beauty in my home…creating a space that my kids, their friends, my neighbors, my friends/family all come to escape the world to feel welcome and nourished and cherished. My love for intentionally finding the time to reflect and nurture my soul.

Life In Alignment’s products are sourced intentionally with my heart’s purpose and passions at the forefront. The products I sell are chosen intentionally. To encourage you to make a transformation in your own life. So you can enjoy the outdoors to create family memories and fill your soul. So you can create your own place of joy and beauty within the walls of your home. So you can nurture your soul and take the time to (re) learn what your highest calling and passions are, and identify the legacy you want to leave. Because life is just too darn short.



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