Because Life is Too Short

I had heard a million times about the need to take care of myself, the importance of self-care for moms. But when finding time to complete a thought was impossible, how on earth was I supposed to find time for self care? But waiting until "I had time" (ha!!) to take care of and re-discover me would result in it never happening. My product line represents my commitment to finding a way to make time for self-care, and to re-discover my purpose and passions and the things that feed my soul. Even when I am overwhelmed and the to-do lists are never-ending.

Have You Lost - YOU?

As mothers, we often find ourselves so deeply immersed in nurturing our families and managing the myriad tasks that come with it, that the essence of who we are begins to blur. But why does this happen? And more importantly, how can we gently remind ourselves of our individuality, our dreams, and the importance of self-care in our daily lives?

Your Home? Or Your Sanctuary? The Power of Purposeful Décor and Why It Matters

The way we decorate our homes can have a profound impact on our mental well-being, which ultimately powers everything - mood, emotions, and overall sense of peace and happiness. Purposeful home decor choices can literally transform your house into your sanctuary - a place that nourishes your soul and rejuvenates your spirits. Prioritize your living space by embracing the transformative power of purposefully chosen, responsibly sourced home décor and the wise use of natural light and color. Your home is your sanctuary. It is in the moments of solitude and quiet that you create there where you will re-discover yourself and re-claim your unique purpose and passions. And this world desperately needs YOU.
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